Rumor Has It

YA Fiction

Calie has survived her high school life by staying at the sidelines and choosing to become a wallflower. But all that will change when a dirty little rumor about her spreads like wildfire. Calie may still be a wallflower, but now, everybody is staring at her wall.

Everything feels like its falling apart until Landon (a.k.a the school heartthrob) comes in and proposes a brilliant plan. Will Calie survive high school now?




Kilig Moments

Farrah Polestico’s Rumor Has It (2015) is straight out of any teenage girl’s daydreams. I found myself giggling and smiling every time something ‘kilig’ happens in the story. What I like about this story is that it’s an easy read. Anyone can read it anytime they want. Even if you’re a teen or you feel like you’re a teen, this story is a fun and bubbly cluster of pages. It’s also very accessible since it’s available as an ebook so you could just whip out your phone and read away.

The storyline might be light and easy but it is also a bit shallow and predictable. After reading some of the chapters of the book, I had to tell myself, “I’ve read this somewhere.”

Some of the events in the story, though, just made me cringe instead of making me feel butterflies and fireworks and all that. The story is also too fast paced. It isn’t confusing to read but it all just felt rushed. I just hope it was written with more, well, more everything. More events, more words that would help readers to visualize the story, more anything that would help the story to not sound like it is only done halfway.

But even with these flaws, Rumor Has It has gotten rid of my critiquing eyes and just made me enjoy the book while it lasted. I was in a different place while reading and I fell in love every time Landon would do something “blush worthily” cute to Calie. I felt the feelings everyone in the story was feeling. I really really wished it didn’t end so soon because I (honestly) wanted more of Landon and more of Calie’s winning and losing moments.


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Released Feels

Overall, I (who secretly really love heart racing love stories but is just hiding it) thank Farrah Polestico. For they were released into their natural state of tears freely slipping on my cheeks, Cheshire cat smiles and laughs I would usually be ashamed of.

Just a personal note, if you want more emotions released then you should listen to STARK’s Ambon while reading this. The lyrics and tone of the song sounds like it’s been made to really accompany this book. Trust me, reading the books while listening to this song made me an emotional wreck.

There is one thing I would always say to myself while reading this book, “Wow, how come there are no Landons in our lives?”


Raya is a fourteen-year-old kitty lover who dreams to fulfill her bucket list which includes travelling around Europe by train and one day publish her own book. She was part of the PDI’s Junior Inquirer and has since been writing stories online.